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So you want to purchase a virtually EMP Proof vehicle and other transportation oriented survival gear?

The possibility of an EMP is undeniable: if not from enemies than from a super solar flair from the sun itself. Understanding the ramifications of such an issue and doing what you can to restrict the damage to your own life is crucial. After all, you can't assist anyone if you're compromised yourself. And transportation will quickly become critical in the event of such a catastrophe. That said, here are some of the basics when it comes to purchasing a vehicle you can trust in an event involving EMF or EMP.

First, you want to look at the make you prefer and then determine the last year that those vehicles were constructed without the use of even one single computer. It would be prudent to go with at least one year prior to that of the last year the auto of your choice is believed to utilize zero. How important is condition? You want to search for something known for reliability. When you're the only one on the road, how important will a few dings be to your overall concerns?

You will also want to consider the simplicity of the unit. If you have to work on it yourself or are relying on a friend or relative to keep it going, the simpler the mechanics the easier it will be to maintain. It is important to note that in the case of an EMP, the closer you are to the event itself the more damage will be the result. The most vulnerable components will be the alternator, starter, distributor, coil, windshield wiper motor and whatever switches operate the ignition, heater, AC, lights, etc. Some people consider CB radios to be among the most important survival gear elements. If you're among them, be sure to obtain a hand cranking unit with which to keep it charged. You will, after all, be facing a situation in which electricity and lights are likely to be unavailable for an extended period of time. Once you choose a vehicle, be sure to purchase the spare parts and a 'faraday cage' in which to store them.  If your vehicle fails in the event of an EMP, you should have a relatively good idea of which parts to change out first.

All of this said, here are a number of autos that can be considered viable in the event of an EMP. Learn all you can about your specific make and model, gather a few spare parts and use the vehicle so you know it's strengths and can accommodate its potential weaknesses. This is one case in which 'significantly older' translates into 'significantly better.'

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1955 Chevrolet Cameo

1955 Chevrolet Cameo white This 1955 Chevrolet Cameo is immaculate with new paint - sharp interior! Click HERE for more!

1968 Corvette 400 HP

1968 sleek top corvette This is it: the 1968 sleek T-Top Corvette, top in its time: still top today! 400HP Automatic

1956 FORD F100

1956 Ford f100 This 1956 Ford F100 Stepside is a show stopper in every sense of the word...Click HERE for more!

1966 JEEP 4X4

This 'mounaain climber' will haul supplies! This amazing rig will HAUL GEAR
Designed for Firefighters!


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